Available products

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Below is an overview of all products that you are authorized for.

Select any of them for more details about them, such as releases, issues, etc related to the selected product.

Name Description Details Releases Software Issues Docu
ASC AbitMORE SCM Commander

Unleash and further enhance the power of ChangeMan ZMF's XML services

ASC Website Shipping ASC releases ASC software available for download ASC issues ASC documentation available for download
ASR AbitMORE SCM Reporting

Generate reports or charts of live or archived ChangeMan ZMF data

ASR Website Shipping ASR releases ASR software available for download ASR issues ASR documentation available for download
ASX AbitMORE SCM Framework for XML

A reusable library of software components for developing / maintaining XML based customizations and/or interfaces

Shipping ASX releases ASX software available for download ASX issues ASX documentation available for download

Extend ChangeMan ZMF to also manage IDMS/ADS Online components.

ASI Website Shipping ASI releases ASI software available for download ASI issues ASI documentation available for download
ASZF Dr Chgman's Z-Files

All sorts of plug-and-play software solutions for ChangeMan ZMF

ASZF Website Shipping ASZF releases ASZF software available for download ASZF issues ASZF documentation available for download
ASZW Dr Chgman's Z-Wiki

All sorts of information and in depth documentation about ChangeMan ZMF

ASZW Website Shipping ASZW releases ASZW software available for download ASZW issues ASZW documentation available for download